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10 great and iconic buildings, no. 8

This list is invented to make some quick and easy blogs for this month filled with festivities. I chose the buildings because i think they belong to the most important from all buildings realized in the last 100 years.

So here is no. 8. Villa Dirickz by Marcel Leborgne

As soon as you spot the building in the Belgium landscape you know that this is special. Multiple geometric patterns are included in the design of this building and it is said that the value of the house is over 10 million euro. The house was designed by Leborgne for the family Dirickz, therefore it is now called the VILLA DIRICKS. Diricks was fond of art and was not affraid to commission Leborgne for a Villa which has been one of the first Modernistic houses. The house was restored by the new owner in 2007 and has been sold after its restoration has some nice books on modernistic architecture available

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