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10 great and iconic buildings, no. 4

This list is invented to make some quick and easy blogs for this month filled with festivities. I chose the buildings because i think they belong to the most important from all buildings realized in the last 100 years.

So here is no. 4. the Guggenheim Museum, New York by Frank Lloyd Wright

The second museum on the list and also one of my personal favorites.

Certainly Iconic. Next to Central Park /Fifth Avenue near 88th street.

the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright

My personal story on the Guggenheim. ….I visited New York 3 times and never visited the Guggenheim. All 3 times the museum was closed , one time renovation and 2 times changing the exhibitions and therefore i never had a chance to see it from the inside and walk the spiral galleries. Still i admire the buidlinge and from my books i know they have one of the greatest art collections in the world. has some nice Guggenheim publications available

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