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10 great and iconic buildings, no. 3

This list is invented to make some quick and easy blogs for this month filled with festivities. I chose the buildings because i think they belong to the most important from all buildings realized in the last 100 years.

So here is no. 3. the Barcelona pavillion by Mies von der Rohe

Barcelona pavillion

Bauhaus inspired and made as the German pavilion for the Barcelona World fair from 1929. It was demolished after the exhibition , but because of its architectural importance rebuild. This is a pilgrimage site for almost all architecture and interior design fans., since this is one of the first projects in which the architect designed the interior as well. The Barcelona chair is a true design classic which is till made.

PS. The Miro museum is nearby too….another absolute must see when you visit Barcelona has some ncie publications available on Miesz von der Rohe

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