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10 great and iconic buildings, no. 5

This list is invented to make some quick and easy blogs for this month filled with festivities. I chose these specific buildings because i think they belong to the most important from all buildings realized in the last 100 years.

So here is no.5. the “Colline Notre-Dame du Haut” by Le Corbusier

In my opinion deservedly the third and final project by Le Corbusier on this list.

Le Corbusie rChapel

The size of the parking gives an impression of the number of visitors that come yearly to this beautiful building. This is really in the middle of nowhere and can been seen some hundreds of meters before you come near the building itself. Inside it is even more amazing. You can see the palce ment of the windows and they cast a magical light in the interior of the building. An absolute must see building. has some nice books on Le Corbusier and this Ronchamp church.

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