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Jan Meijer / Jurriaan Schrofer/ Ed van der Elsken

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Another artist i had no memory of. I had heard the name before, but coould not place his works in any context. I must have seen his work at some time, but no recollection at all.

So why this blog on Jan Meijer. The artist is perhaps the least interesting in this blog. Still Meijer’s lyrical abstract works are well worth looking at and deserve much more recognition.

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But…..the true reason i write this blog is the Jan Meijer catalogue which was published in 1957 for the Galerie Dina Vierny exhibition. A typical 50’s publication with a colored cover, BUT, what makes it stand out …… is designed by Jurriaan Schrofer and photographs by Ed van der Elsken. It is one of those rare occasions that these great Fifties artists come together. Perhaps they needed to make some money, perhaps they were friends and have known each other from their Paris time. I do not know, but ik know that this is an extremely scarce publication, well worth collecting and to dream away and try imagining how life must have been in Paris in the mid Fifties.

the catalogue is available at

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