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Small graphic works by Ru van Rossem

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 12.14.20

It has been years since i bought this collection of small graphic works by Ru van Rossem.

Since lockdown i finally found the time to photogrph, describe and list these.

Personally i consider van Rossem equal to the best from his generation. In a style typical for the fifties and Sixties, he executes these littlle art works in a way nobody did in the Netherlands. Occasionally they pop up  at auctions , but this was a rare occasion i could buy a complete collection of over  50 of these little art works. Many dated and signed in pencil with a miniature signature these works belong to the best dutch graphic artists made in those decades. Some people say Escher was the greatest of them all, but in my personal opninion it think van Rossem was an even better artist. Escher was the craftsman, where van Rossem is the artist. These beautiful prints are now available at

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