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Early Promotional designs

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I have been interested in promotional and commercial designs from the Twenties until the Eighties from Last century. Willem Sandberg, Wim Crouwel , Piet Zwart and Paul Schuitema all are personal heroes . Not only known by me, but by many more admirers all over the world. But there is another field of interest. …..

The small commmercial colourful brochures which were published from the early Thirties until the mid Sixties. These are almost forgootten, but have a quality of their own and show life in those decades . Bright colours hardly any descent typography and filled with info and photomontages these brochures are collectibles too. They do not have the quality and historic value of the ones which are designed by the greatest designers from last century, but beside their quality they have “appeal” and that is perhaps even is as important as quality. I have decided to sell some of my doubles on the Scandinavian countries and some of the ones i have on German trains

These are now available at

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