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Carel Kneulman (1915-2008)

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A few days ago I wrote a blog on Aat Veldhoen and illustrated it with a photograph of Jasper Grootveld selling Rotaprints by Veldhoen. In the photograph, the dutch will recognize the “classic” Philips logo on the wall of Atheneum bookstore and “HET LIEVERDJE” the iconic statue.

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The Provo movement gathered at this place and the statue is still a symbol of the roaring PROVO Sixties in Amsterdam. The statue was made by Carel Kneulman, one of the leading Amsterdam artists who made a name for himself with sculptures. Forget HET LEIVERDJE and look at his other works you can see a sculptor influenced by Moore and Brancusi and making far better sculptures than the one at the Spui square. It took until his 80th birthday until he received full recognition for his art. At that time he finally received a retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum, but a few years earlier a nice exhibition was being held at the Museum Fodor ( 1990) which exquisite catalogue is now available at

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