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One week ….Lefebre gallery … day 4

Last week I acquired a large collection of catalogues from the LEFEBRE GALLERY. The collection contains 63 different exhibition catalogues all fro the period that this famous gallery was open between 1960 and 1986. A great collection which I will share in the coming 7 days….today day 1

lefebre 5

from top to bottom /left to right:

Klaus Fussmann, 1976

Start , 1965

Hans Hartung, 1971

Salute to Hans Hartung, 1975

Serge Poliakoff, 1981

Jan Voss, 1970

Yuri Kuper, 1981

Tom Phillips, 1978

Klaus Fussmann, 1983

The series i have available at contains 62 different titles. These publications will be listed in the upcoming 4 weeks. If there is a publication you would like to buy, please sent an email to and i will quote you your best preview price.

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