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One Week …Lefebre gallery…Day 3

Last week I acquired a large collection of catalogues from the LEFEBRE GALLERY. The collection contains 63 different exhibition catalogues all fro the period that this famous gallery was open between 1960 and 1986. A great collection which I will share in the coming 7 days….today day 1

lefebre 3

from top to bottom /left to right:

Jorge Castillo, 1977

25 years Lefebre gallery, 1986

Klaus Fussmann, 1985

Romulo Maccio, 1974

25 Years Lefebre, Asger Jorn, 1985

Serge Poliakoff, 1964

Caste, 1971

Serge Poliakoff, 1971

Walter Stöhrer, 1985

The series i have available at contains 62 different titles. These publications will be listed in the upcoming 4 weeks. If there is a publication you would like to buy, please sent an email to and i will quote you your best preview price.

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