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Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943)….Leben oder Theater

I remember it well. Together with a huge publicicty campaign the Book by Charlotte SALOMON, Leven of Theater? / Life or Theater? was published on a worldwide scale. In the Netherlands it was pub lished by Meulenhoff and in the US by Viking press. My estimate is that there were several 100K book printed and published, but it is remarkable that this title is a rare find nowadays. The one i finally have in my inventory is a 1st printing by the original publisher of the work GARY SCHWARZ. Book is in english and a highly collectable item. here is the blog from some years ago i wrote on Charlotte Salomon

The Joods Historisch Museum in Amsterdam shows the complete set of “LEBEN ODER THEATER” the magnificent works by Charlotte Salomon . It is the equivalent of a written diary of her life in Auschwitz before she was murdered. The complete original set is now on show at the Joods Historisch Museum until the 25th of March 2018, but…. not only the complete set is on show, there is another way of viewing the set…..for those who are interested and live to far away you can view the complete set at :

This is what makes the internet worthwhile, so visit this site and convince yourself why this is not only a historical important work, but also a great work of art by a gifted artist. has the very rare first dutch publication on Charlotte Salomon availablle at

charlotte salomon schwartz


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