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Arranz Bravo and Rafael Bartolozzi stand for italian Pop Art.

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Every country in the world was at some time during the Sixties and Seventies influenced by the american Masters of Pop Art. In the Netherlands there were Woody van Amen and Tajiri. In France there were Monory and Raysse. Germany has Dieter Hesserer and Italy they had Arranz Barvo and Rafael Bartolozzi. They worked together and made some great paintings at that time, but now….many of these artists are almost forgotten. This does not mean that their works are of no importance, but at the moment these are not “In VOGUE”. It is a litlle like it was some 30 year ago. Zero/Nul and Kinetic were thought of no importance, but now….every collector in the world wants its share of the ZERO art and not much is available at reasonable prices anymore. I predict that it will be the same with…. first POP ART from outside the US and later after the art market has devided all good Pop Art…. it will be time for Minimal Art. These are my tips for the future if you want to build a collection that gathers value over the years to come. has some great books on Pop art and Minimal Art available but also the Bravo/Bartolozzi catalogue including the invitation they made for one of their first exhibitions at IL FAUNO in Torino.

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