UTZ…George Sluizer movie and Meissen porcelain

Utz is a 1992 dramatic film directed by George Sluizer, produced by John Goldschmidt and starring Brenda Fricker, Peter Riegert and Armin Mueller-Stahl. Mueller-Stahl won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.[1]

The film is based on the 1988 novel Utz by Bruce Chatwin, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

The most iconic scenen in this movie is Armin Mueller Stahl destroying his beautiful collection of Meissen porcelain. Yesterday we were in Vienna to chose our new dog and visited the Dorotheum. Not only an auction house but more a very large department store where one can buy and sell all kinds of collectibles. Among these items for sale were some examples of Meissen from the 19th and 18th century. ( ca. euro 15.000). I never realized these pieces were so valuable, but seeing them you can see where many Contemporary artists get there inspiration from. http://www.dorotheum.com


There are not many but still some 10 titles to be found on porcelain in the inventory of www.ftn-books.com so please take a look.

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