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Friso Kramer (1922)


Friso Kramer

Friso Kramer was one of the founding members of Total design but before that date he was one of the leading dutch designers together with Benno Wissing and Wim Crouwel. Known for his excellent but sober designs, he was the man behind the famous REVOLT Friso Kramer chair, which is still in production until this date. Still active as a designer , he recently designed a LED streetlamp for Lightwell. A lamp which will eventually replace all the Friso Kramer designed streetlamps which were placed in the sixties and seventies.

kramer paallamp

The main part of his career he was the leading designer and director for Ahrend ,a firm which produces office furniture

Two major exhibitions were held on Friso Kramer of which one catalogue is available at

Kramer SM

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