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David Urban (1966)

Why a blog on David Urban. The reason is simple. Urban exhibited at Barbara Farber in 1996. Unknown and available at that time at reasonable prices. Now almost 30 years later, paintings from that gallerist and its artists from that decade come again to the market. One of these artists is David Urban. Well known in Canada and the US and lesser known in Europe, but still there are some paintings to be found in European private collections and museums. One of the last auctions from last auctioning season had such a painting by David Urban. THE GOLDEN NUMBER from 1996. I was able to buy this painting for the FTN collection and it will be for sale in a few weeks. If you are interested , please contact me at

The work of David Urban is defined by bold collisions of line and shape, clashing tones and kinetic brushstrokes. Urban builds his dynamic paintings, layer upon layer, incorporating the traditions of still life and landscape, abstraction and realism. Rhythmic geometries conjure up networks of boards, beams and girders. His work explores the physical presence of sound, with a strong sense of connectivity and rhythmical structure. Urban produces forms that engage the viewer, pursuing an endless investigation into how and why we perceive images. Urban focuses on the history and methodology of color and painting itself, embedding powerful brushstrokes and charcoal drawings in thick layers of paint. His work explores the interplay of representation and abstraction while presenting his two distinct streams of contemporary painting.
Urban is a true Renaissance man and scholar of art history, literature and music. He has a master’s degree in English Literature and is trained in several instruments. He studied the work of early Modernist painters such as Piet Mondrian and Henri Matisse. His artwork is the culmination of this creative effort and research.
Urban graduated from York University in 1989 with both BA and BA.

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Piet Dirkx weekly

The First publication in which i had a contribution. Piet Dirkx was invited by the Haags Gemeentemuseum by the curators Flip Bool and  Gerrit Jan de Rook. A show held together with fellow artists Piet Dieleman, Nikolaus Urban and Jean-Pierre Zoetbrood

publication from 1986

dirkx keuze gm