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Judith ten Bosch (1957)

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A blog on an artist , who is foremost an illustrator, but of whom i discovered recently that she had made a series of intrigueing paintings which were on exhibition in 1988 at the Dordrechts Museum. The series of VIJVERSCHILDERIJEN are highly typical for the works that were made at the end of the Eighties.

bosch vijverschilderijen

They remind me a little of the works by Gerard Verdijk . Ik feels like Verdijk meets Marc Mulders in his studio and they decied to make a large sized painting together . These ara truly large sized painting of 400 x 260 cm. and perhaps that is the reason why i was so surprised to find these large paintings since i only know the small illustrations by ten Bosch.

ten bosch

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Gerard Verdijk (1934-2005)… paintings now available at FTN-art

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As promissed a few weeks ago, i have now added some of Gerard Verdijk’s paintings that are for sale from this date on at / Ftn-art

verdijk monografie

These pages are developed in cooperation with Josephine Sloet who helped me select the works that she considers important and which are available. Many of those are also depicted in the epic book on Gerard Verdijk///THE MOUNTAIN OF EINSTEIN,  which is also available at

Please visit :

and for inquiries sent me a request at

and for news on Gerard Verdijk check these pages frequently.

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