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Niko Pirosmani (1862-1918)

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Possibly the longest blog of all i have written if you take your time to watch the included documentary on Pirosmani. Just a short intro to the book that i have recently added to my inventory ( available at It is the official catalogue ( sold out during the exhibition because only a few hundred were printed ) IN SEARCH OF PIROSMANI.


An exhibition held at the Dordrechts Museum in 2012 on the Georgian naive painter Niko Pirosman. At the time successful at the Dordrechts Museum, but almost immediately forgotten. Still a nice exhibition on a very talented self taught painter, who stayed true to his naive style of painting during his life. When I searched for information on Pirosmani I stumbled upon a 90 minute documentary on his life and painting. Watch this and Pirosmani has no secrets for you anymore. The catalogue is now available at




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