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Les Belles Endormies (2014)

dormeuse a

Les Belles Endormies / Sleeping Beauties is one of those exhibitions i wished i had seen at the Museum.

It was held at the LE MUSEE BONNARD in 2014 and its catalogue shows all of the magnificent paintings that were present in this exhibition. The Theme….sleeping woman. From almost real and raw up to dreamlike and abstract. What struck me was that most of these women were totally at ease and not aware of the presence of the painter. Excepet for the Gauguin contribution. The woman lyingon a bed is not sleeping. eyes half open she is looking at the artist.

sleeping hh

It is a truly great collection which has been collected for this exhibition by the curators and i wish i had known of it before. It would have been the perfect reason to visit the Bonnard Museum.

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