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Willem Snitker (1938-2015)

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Willem Snitker was a painter , graphic artist and art dfealer and a personal friend of Joost Zwagerman. Only 4 months after Zwagerman’s siucide , Snitker died. Too young, too early. I must have seen works by Snitker during the last 30 years or so, but only because of a recent book i bought on Snitker i started to appreciate his works and now i am on the look out and keen to add a works to the collection.

I also started to read about Snitker and he  appears to be one of the key figures in dutch art from the last few decades. Not only because of his gallery  ( de Bleeker) but also because of the friendships he build during his life. Gustave Asselbergs being one of them and much admired by me.

Snitker is an artist for the future and here are some worksni want to share with you so you can judge yourself.

The book Willem Snitker from 1994 is now  available at


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