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Rein Draijer (1899-1986)

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Slowly…..very very slowly ….Rein Draijer is appreciated more and more outside the Den Haag region. He is one of the painters that belong to the “DE NIEUWE HAAGSE SCHOOL” and was presented regularly at the Haags Gemeentemuseum and galeries in Den Haag. But outside Den Haag his name was hardly known. But he is important for dutch painting and Modern ART. His landscapes are filled with atmospehere and breath SIXTIES painting. He even is compared to Saenredam and Mondrian at the time his works were presented at the MORE museum in 2016.

Personally i think his paintings to be too realistic to keep me intrigued for a longer time. Still i like his paintings . The way he looks at his subject shows that he leaves out too many details and tries to make his painting as “empty” and abstract as possible.

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The 1968 Draijer catalogue that was made for his exhibition at the Haags Gemeentemuseum is now available at

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