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Land art Flevoland

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Until 2012 there was an organisation and Modern Art museum in Almere which was responsible for the maintenance and exploitation of the Land art projects in Flevoland ( in the middel of the Netherlands).

The museum was called “de Paviljoens” and presented some breathtaking projects during its existence. But because of financial problems they had to close their doors in 2012.

However the good thing is the world famous land art projects are still there. Projects by Robert Morris and Richard Serra are world famous and the “green cathedral” by Marinus Boezem deserves to be known by many more than the few who know of its existence.

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So we are still fortunate that these great land art projects are still there and hopefully funding will be there to preserve these for future generations. Here is the site which presents these great works of art on the internet:

Land art Deltawerk // (2018) Riff, PD#18245 (2018) PIER+HORIZON (2016) Exposure (2010) Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (1997) De Groene Kathedraal (1996) Sea Level (1996) Aardzee (1982) Observatory (1977) More land art in the area has a series of “de Paviljoens” introductions and books available on these land art artists.

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