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El Kazovskij (1948-2008)

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Born in Russia, but living most of her life in Hungary, El Kazovskije has hada special role in Hugarian art. The art of Hungary from the second half of last century is mostly known for constructivist art, but El kazovskije had a totally differen t approach to art . Designing costumes and making performances made him a much more complete artist than the artists from his generation.

El Kazovsky was born under the name of Elena Kazovskaya in Leningrad, Russia to Irina Putolova, an art historian, and Yefim Kazovsky, a physicist. He moved to Hungary in 1965, at the age of 15, and graduated in 1977 with a degree in painting from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. El Kazovsky’s masters were György Kádár and Ignác Kokas.

El Kazovsky was open about being transgender – born biologically as a female and self-defining as an androphile man.

His art cannot be broken down into periods; all of his expressive paintings reveal the same mythological world that he created. Several recurring figures appear in many of his paintings, such as the long nosed dog or the ballet dancer figure. Besides paintings, his work includes stage designs, performances and installations. has a rare studio Galeria catalogue from 1979 on the artist available


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