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Tom Heerschop (1972)

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Already at an early age, some people know what they are about. Not what they want to become, but what they are. Tom draws. He has been drawing all his life. His source is life itself. His work flows from his hand. It cleans the grit from his veins. It sweeps along his body. He is at its mercy.

For his drawings, Tom uses many different formats. He always works on paper and with a diversity of drawing materials: pen, pencil, paint, ink, marker. The stream of work that pours from his hands marks the intensity with which Tom experiences and perceives life. With head, hands and heart.

This how the text starts at the Tom Heerschop site. A very nice site which shows the qualities in which he excels. Drawing is his second nature.

The reason why i visited his site and was impressed was the recent acquisition of a METIS publication on Heerschop. Edition of only 500 copies and available at and please take a look at the Heerschop site for yourself.

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