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Otto Coenen (1907-1971)

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Oscar Schlemmer was the first artist that i thought of when i saw Otto Coenen’s work for the first time, but there are so many more influences to be found in his works. What about, Huszar?, Gerd Arntz?, Mondrian? Klee?,and Jacoba van Heemskerck all of these artists must have been a source of influence to Coenen. Still his works are very pleasing to look at and at some time you will find that they have a quality of their own. Otto Coenen is an artist who is now starting to appear at auction more frequently. So if a nice Coenen is offered maybe it is worthwhile to place your bid and win a nice Otto Coenen. A promissing investment for the future and if not being the succes investment, it will be a nice work to admire which will not bore for a very long time. has a n ice Otto Coenen publication available.


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