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Martien Coppens (1908-1986)

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Martien Coppens is a little like Vincent van Gogh. One difference…. van Gogh is a painter and Coppens is a photographer, but both have in common that they were fascinated by daily life of the people in Noord Brabant. Van Gogh found his subjects in the neighborhood of Zundert and Coppens photographed the people from DE PEEL.

Farmers, peasants, laundry women these were the people Coppens photographed.

Coppens is considered very important for the Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands since he photographed, daily life work and scenery in a time that the Netherlands grew from an agricultural into an industrial country. This is the main reasons why the Nederlands Fotomuseum acquired the photos by Coppens from his estate and decided to restore them all in 2008. The result… one of the most important dutch publications on a dutch photographer ever. This book is now available at


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