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Alik Cavaliere (1926-1998)

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Day 2 of the forgotten artists blog is this one on Alik Cavaliere. Without knowing it, i first encountered his works because of an exhibition which was organized by the Haags Gemeentemuseum in 1967 of which some catalogues were left. The stack of catalogues was removed and destroyed from our inventory, because no buyers could be found for these “old” catalogues. Decades later, i was lucky to find the obscure special edition of this catalogue which had a special , signed and dated print included. ( the catalogue is for sale at and it struck me that his art is so playful and even a little avant-garde and can be appreciated by practically all interested.

The etching is of an excellent playful quality and shows his strength as an artist. His bronzes…. just compare them to Guido Geelen’s tulip and you see that 40 years before Geelen , Cavaliere made his bronzes of flowers too and they are far less expensive than the ones by Geelen which are now sought after by collectors worldwide.

cavaliere is an artist who had its fame in the Fifties and Sixties ut was forgotten after that. He still had in his years of fame worldwide exhibitions in Italy, Hungary and the US and perhaps it is time now to appreciate his art once again and show it to a new public. A younger public who discover Alik Cavaliere.

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