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Arno Nollen (1964)… a very special publication.. REGARDE

nollen ftn b

Here is a seldom offered and rare publication by Arno Nollen. Arno Nollen is certainly now established as one of the great dutch photographers, but at the time of this publication he was a “rising star”. “Regarde” is one of the first publications by the Annet Gelink gallery. The book Regarde is sold out, but a few gallery copies are still sold at the gallery for euro 150,–, but……… This is not the ordinary copy, but a very special one. Book is signed and numbered and published in an edition of only 25 copies, packed and protected in a special container/book cover. Made of carton and wood this cove protects the book and the book includes an original photograph by Arnold Nollen( loosely inserted).

nollen ftn c

The photograph, book and container are all signed and numbered with corresponding numbers. All are in excellent condition. This makes the Arnold Nollen a rare offering. This special publication available at http://www.ftn-blog the FTN art section

Here is a short bio on Nollen for those who do not know him.

Arno Nollen (b. 1964) is a storyteller. His work is exploratory and revolves around photo series; he is not interested in single photographic images viewed in isolation. His repetitive series, sometimes almost devoid of variation, inhabit a grey area between film and photography. The repetition triggers an unconscious process of association, comparison and recall and evokes emotions that range from fascination and excitement to disgust and discomfort. The end result is to prompt the viewer to imagine his or her own narrative. To present his images, Nollen uses a variety of media, including books, video, prints and installations.

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