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Dick Cassee (1931)

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Try to find a biography on Dick Cassee and you will not find it. I found some information through the documentation site of art in Overijssel, but no biography, no site, no museum information, no exhibitions …..nothing! But Cassee is an important dutch artist from the sixties and seventies and his art was really avant-garde at that time. It was recognized as important for many dutch museum too, because they started to follow this artist and made some purchases. Among them, the van Abbemuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Haags Gemeentemuseum. What makes his work characteristic . is the continuous bend line in his compositions. Making abstract city scapes and skylines.


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Others form landscapes and again later works are a combination off al these together. His works fascinate me and because i recently encountered a work at auction and could buy it for ftn art, i started to search for information on Cassee…..none to be found… his artistic life is now still a mystery to me, but i have decided to put the work i bought up for sale at FTN art. Here it is .

title : VENASCLE, from 1975 in an edition of 60 numbered and signed copies.


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