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Ben Vautier (1935)…. a Fluxus artist

It was 1962 when Ben Vautier joint the Fluxus mouvement and stayed true to its principles until he moved forward and started the Figuration Libre mouvement in 1981.

When you read what Wikipedia says about him , you will notice that they mention that he is a ZERO artist, but for me he is everything but …. No he foremost is a great and one of the first Fluxus artists, who has developed an art language which is typical Vautier. You will recognize his works among thousands, because on an even background his writing language and saying are unique and o so typical Vautier

Pictures tell a better story than words in this case. Take a look at a screenshot i made from Google.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-21 om 14.31.29

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