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John Hejduk ( 1929-2000 ) and THE WALL HOUSE in Groningen


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When i started with my internet site , there was one publication which was a remainder which i bought a large quantity of. Berlin Nights was on sale at Boekhandel de Slegte and sold there for euro 2.50. At that time i bought 10 copies, but because of a raised interest in Hejduk publications these were sold rapidly and i had to buy the copy i now have in stock for much more money that the 2.50 i paid for the other ones ;-(

Still, i understand the importance of Hejduk. You only have to glance at his WALL HOUSE project in Groningen and you know why.

Not only the architecture but also his drawings and the bookdesign itself make him very important and for me personally i think the books are outstanding. Because Hejduk is considered by many architecture students as one of the most influential and important architects in modern times and the demand for his publications is worldwide and i am proud that i can offer some nice and important ones at

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