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Marcel van Eeden (1965)

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I picked Marcel van Eeeden for todays blog because of two reasons. First of all ….arguably van Eeden is the greatest drawing artist in the Netherlands today. He publishes frequently on the internet and has exhibitions all over the world. Transforming every day scenes and news paper clippings into authentic van Eeden drawings he has made after 30 years a tremendous oeuvre. Born in Den Haag and living nowadays in Zurich, van Eeden is the latest addition to the video series of famous dutch artists. The series started some years ago and contains now over 100 contributions. Fascinating 15 minute portraits/movies on the best of dutch artists.

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De Gemeentemuseum was one of the first museums in which the drawings by van Eeden have been presented and since this opportunity to see his intimate drawings, i became interested in his publications. The books he published feel like graphic novels , but are instantly recognizable as van Eeden publications. Some of these highly collectable books are available at

To show the quality of the series of HOLLANDSE MEESTERS i put the van Eeden video with this blog, but do not forget to look at the complete lists of dutch artists and look for more at the site of


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