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Imre Reiner (1900-1987)


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Imre Reiner is most known for his typograohic innovations and fonts, but recently i added a book on his Ziffernbilder to my inventory. It shows that he was beside as typographic artist a very talented graphic artist too.

Born August 18, 1900 in Versec (Hungary), died August 21, 1987 in Lugano. Staatliche Bildhauerschule Zalatua (Zalatua State Sculpture School) and Kunstgewerbeschule Frankfurt (Frankfurt School of Arts and Crafts), from 1921 Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Arts and Crafts) in Stuttgart (Prof. F. H. Ernst Schneidler).

1923 to 1925 – worked as a graphic designer in London, Paris, New York and Chicago. Until 1927 – master-class student of F. H. Ernst Schneidler. From 1931 worked in Ruvigliana near Lugano as painter, graphic designer and illustrator.

Fonts: Meridian (1930), Gotika (1933), Corvinus (1934–35), (1938), Symphonie (1938), Floride (1939), Reiner Script (1951), Contact (1952), Reiner Black (1955), Mustang (1956), Bazar (1956), London Script (1957), (1957), (1959).

Matura, Mercurius Script and Pepita are trademarks of Monotype Typography.

the book below is available at

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