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Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot

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Pablo Picasso’s fascination with the female form spawned from a long line of women he called his muses. Possibly his most reputable muse was his long- term partner, Françoise Gilot, whom he wooed with a bowl of cherries when he spotted her across the restaurant in which they were dining. At the tender age of 21, Gilot was already producing well-respected paintings of her own, although she was still a student at the time. While technically married to another, Picasso carried on a turbulent ten-year affair with Gilot – fathering her two children. The relationship was a nasty one, but the couple inspired each other artistically: Gilot acted as Picasso’s muse for the decade, and Picasso’s work influenced Gilot’s take on cubism. has many Picasso titles available

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