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Seet van Hout (1957)


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Threads, rags and tissues, these combined are part of the installations and “paintings” by Seet van Hout. These works are far more complex than one would think when seen for the first time. Hard labour, sewing, broidering and painting the tissues that brought all together, make a new work of art. In many cases a very large work which needs enough space to be admired. Nature and abstract forms are used for the composition and because of the method of “contruction” it must take some time before the work is finished. I noticed that her works are in the largest public and corporate collections, but because of theiir size you seldom come accross one which is for show…. a pity because thes colorful works must be admired by many than the occasional spectator.


Public collections

Achmea Kunstcollectie, Zeist/NL
Aegon, Den Haag/NL
Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam/NL
Bibliotheca Alexandria/EG
Brecht collection
CODA, Apeldoorn/NL
Collection Rabobank/NL
European Patent Office, Den Haag/NL
Gelderland Art Collection/NL
Hogeschool Windesheim, Zwolle/NL
Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken, Den Haag/NL
MS Eurodam, Holland America Line
Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen/NL
Museum of the Kyoto Institute of Technology/JP
Nederlanse Waterschapsbank, Den Haag/NL
NOG collection / SNS Reaal Fonds/NL
Provincie Gelderland, Amhem/NL
Sanders collection/NL
Sparkasse Emmerich/DE
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam/NL
Stichting Pensionenfonds huisartsen, Utrecht/NL
Theodoor Gilissen Bank, Amsterdam/NL
UMC collection Utrecht/NL
Universiteit Twente, Enschede/NL
Waterschap Vechtstromen, Almelo/NL

seet van hout

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