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Dick Ket (1902-1940)

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This blog is long time overdue. Of course we have some of the greatest realistic painters in the Netherlands from the 20th century. Specially Carel Willink and Pyke Koch are well known, but my personal favorite in this genre is definitely Dick Ket. Ket had a short but very productive painter’s life , specially the last 10 years of his life he had a large production and made a name for himself producing beautiful highly detailled portraits and oil paintings.

His health was fragile, but had he had better health i am sure that his style would have developed into a brilliant abstract kind of paintings , since he experimented with cubism during his career which could have become the fundament of his abstract painting. What is left are some brilliant portraits and still life paintings that could be compared with the best that painting has brought us in the 20th century in the Netherlands. is fortunate to have some dick Ket titles available.

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