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Thijs Rinsema (1877-1947)

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This Frysian artist is by most known for his DADA works he made in te beginning of his career, but he searched for a much wider appreciation and therefore changed his style into a much more figurative style.

Far less interesting, but probably a necessary step to survive as an artist. I looked into the history of Rinsema and found some interesting works which are still exhibited in the Museums in the Northern Provinces of the Netherlands, but the best exhibition was held a long time ago at the Nijmeegs Museum in 1972 for which exhibition an excellent catalogue was published , designed by Harrie Gerritz who found a loyal following of admirers soon after for his playfulk and colourful abstract compositions. This catalogue is available at

This catalogue is a cclassic for the Sixties and Seventies with sobre style, minimalistic designdoes it stand as a great dutch design.

stichting nijmeegs

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