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Diederick van Kleef (1954)

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It was over 30 years ago….i did not know the artist, but one publication by van Kleef intrigued me and i bought 2 copies to sell in the museumstore of the Gemeentemuseum. It must have been one of the first artist books i had ever bought. I lost track of van Kleef, but last month i bought an artistbook by van Kleef again. An edition of only 83 copies and numbered 52. “The Handboek 2 van & over Diederick van Kleef” is now available at and because of this blog i searched for van Kleef on the internet and found that he has always been making art and now has its own bookstore in Amsterdam. It is fascinating that an artist like van Kleef stays true to his calling his entire life. One must admire such dedication.

diederick van Kleef

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