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Concrete art …some recent finds

I am always on the look out for these little , thin,  even small sized books which are published in very limited editions. And lucky i was….

Last Thursday i bought some small books by artist which are among my favorites. The books are all published in the Seventies and the Eighties and are outright RARE. Sure you can find still copies if you really search well but i will predict that within 10 years none of these can be found anymore. Two reasons….. the artists who contributed to these books/projects grow more important by the year and secondly….the edition size is small, yes very small, in most of the cases not more than 500 copies of which probably many will have become displaced, destroyed or lost.

Now is the time to pick up these books at www.ftn-books and expand your collection with these titles that will not be available in the years to come.

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