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Museum Würth France Erstein

A recent 4 day visit to France , the Alsace region , brought us not only 3 wonderful dinners at the Auberge Frankenbourg,

but also made us visit the Museum Würth in Erstein. Some 30 kilometers from the place we stayed and 15 Km from Strasbourg. The museum located behind the “factory” of Würth, does not look like the museum one knows. Modern museum like building, but what struck me most was that it more looked like a storage with some exhibition facilities. The art itself was “my cup of tea” . Modern art with a focus on the last 50 years, but Linda did not like it at all. I thought the museum had some “A” quality art, but at the same time i think that this private collection holds the great and famous names, but hardly has any personal approach to art and collection looks like a random selected catalogue of the great names in todays Modern Art. Still there were 3 items i think were very special. First there was a portrait of a woman by Walter Becker.


in which the position of the legs and arms made it almost a constructivist painting. Secondly Secondly the statue by Mimmo Paladino. and thirdly there was a large Andy Warhol drawing. A design /sketch for a large silkscreen in which the outline of the picture could clearly be seen.


I never had seen one of these before which made the visit special enough. Würth has some 10 locations with museums spread all over Europe, including one in Den Bosch in the Netherlands which we shall visit in the near future.

Ps. How about the similarities between the portraits by Rosemin Hendriks and Andy Warhol. Perhaps Warhol has been a source of inspiration?

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There are some nice publications on Becker, Warhol and Palladino availabel at

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