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Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981)

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Sometimes when you search on the large WWW and try to find some information on an artist or subject it is hard to find a site with a good clean design, filled with sensible information and a joy to visit. Of course you must first look at for books on Gispen, but after you have done just that…. please visit

This site gives the best possible insight in Gispen and his works, unfortunately only in dutch, but the designs speak for themselves. Gispen is one of the true inventors of dutch design, being one of the first to design furniture out of tubular frames and making them suitable for offices and home interiors. The result is that many dutch families know of Gispen, because they lived their lives among Gispen furniture, but never knew the story of its designer. Please visit the Gispen site and do not forget that has some nice books on Gispen.

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