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Toon Verhoef (1946)

I have always admired the works by Toon Verhoef. The first time i met Verhoef was when i was introduced to him when he visited the Gemeentemuseum on the occasion of the preparation of an exhibition. Since i have tried to obtain a work by Verhoef for our collection, but never succeeded…… i came close when i bid on an extremely large work which came from the former collection of the Artesia bank. It was sold at AAG and when i researched the work i found out that the composition was not random, but an abstract representation of the british queen Elizabeth II parading before Aboriginal warriors.

Verhoef is for me a fascinating artist and his compositions are timeless and brilliant.

there is a nice documentary on Youtube where Verhoef explains the history of the painting and the “Elizabeth” picture.

and for a nice selection of Verhoef titles visit

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