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Dorien Melis (1938-2021)

Johan Claassen describes his work as “minimal, musical visual poetry”. What can I add? Dorien Melis (1938-2021) made small paintings, primarily on canvas or panel, in which lines were drawn along somewhat larger shapes to depict memories. These memories must have something to do with the city’s reflections Like the water, the horizon at dusk, or the cold light of the morning sun streaming into the bedroom through a light curtain. Her works have titles such as Life of Water, Little Cantatas, Songs of the Night, and Between the Lines. A painting depicting how vulnerable people are protected. A minimalist, musical visual poem. has 2 small Melis publications available.

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Tom Claassen (1964)

Tom Claassen (1964, The Netherlands) is best known in the art scene as well as among the general public for his works created for the public arena. Klaasen’s work often traverses the boundaries of culture and nature, firmly rooted in the sculptural tradition, but with a unique, playful and personal touch. Soft, rounded shapes often invite caresses, but this proves to be deceptive. Because the material that looks so soft and friendly is actually bronze. Similarly, sculptures that appear hard and unattractive to the touch are actually made of rubber. artistic background

Claassen studied at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands and was awarded the “PRIX DE ROME” in 1992. Claassen’s work is in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Kroller-Muller Museum in Otterlo (both in the Netherlands), the FRAC Franche-Comte Museum in Besançon, France, and the Gateway Foundation in St. Louis, USA. has the 2009 Tom Claassen book now available