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Bernard Schultze (1915-2005)

Bernard Schultze was a German artist, considered part of the informal movement, a group of artists who placed great importance on intuition and the subconscious in the creation of art. In 1952 Karl He founded the artist collective Quadriga together with Otto Goetz and others, making informal art famous in Germany.
Schultz’s work is associative, expressive, and colorful, and poses strange questions to me as a viewer. Flipping through his monograph, Bright Breath, Sparkling Wind, we discover wonderful paintings, watercolours, and drawings, but also incredibly ugly paintings that leave an impression because they are completely formless. The photo was taken by a mentally handicapped person during a writing class, while the image on the other side is clearly of the same man.
Schulze lived from 1915 to 2005. Since Schulze was born in 2015, 100 years before him, a major retrospective exhibition has been held in Cologne, and several excellent books have been published, including this fascinating book which gives an excellent overview of his work. Published. Many of his paintings are truly breathtaking, his drawings are sophisticated and beautiful, but his papier-mache images continue to amaze me with their fantastical forms. Even if the same whimsical figures appear in the painting, it is still strange that they do not mind being there. This keeps the piece attractive. has several Schultze titles available

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