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Otto Muehl (1925-2013)

Otto Muehl (16 June 1925 u2013 26 May 2013) was an Austrian artist, best known as a co-founder and one of the principal figures of Viennese Actionism and founder of the Friedrichshof Commune. It is In 1943 Muehl had to serve in the Wehrmacht. There he enrolled in officer training. He was promoted to first lieutenant and took part in infantry combat during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. After the war, he studied German and history at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, as well as art education. In 1972 he founded the Commune Friedrichshof, considered by some to be an authoritarian offshoot, which existed for several years before falling apart in the 1990s. In 1991, Muehl was sentenced to seven years in prison for sex and drug offenses against minors. He was released in 1997 after six and a half years in prison and founded a small commune in Portugal. After his release, he also published his memoir from prison (Out of Prison). has the 2008 Sammlung Friedrichshof book now available.

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