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Roger Decaux (1919-1995)

Writer and educator, Roger Decaux is educated in art history and philosophy. He was a teacher, a journalist in the field of art and philosophy, and an art critic. He lived long in Paris, where he interacted with many artists, participated in art and philosophy programs and magazines, taught art history, and hosted workshops. He was very close to the painter Gino Severini. But what most shaped his life was his ability to unleash his open and cultivated mind to creativity. Winner of numerous prizes: Galilee Prize, Stanislas Academy Prize in Nancy and Trio Prize from the Belgian Ministry of Culture, he has translated into his work an enlightened and corrosive vision of our society. Its notoriety goes far beyond the national framework. If we can see his works in museums in France: museums of Nancy and Saint-Dié where a room is dedicated to him, he is also in many museums abroad: museums of Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, from Indiana in the United States. He also produced frescoes for the church of Neuchatel in Switzerland and for the Faculty of Letters in Mexico City. His works have been exhibited all over the world: Lyon, Paris, Menton, Metz, Aix-en-Provence, Limoges, Troyes, Strasbourg, Gothenburg, Munich, Venice, Karlsruhe, Du00fcsseldorf, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva , Montreal, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Ghent, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Rennes, Rouen, Lille, Le Touquet. has the galerie Carlier catalog now available.

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