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YSBRANT ( van Wijngaarden ) (1937-2007)


Ysbrant (pseudonym of Van Wijngaarden, Ysbrant) was born in 1937 in The Hague/Netherlands and died in 2021 in Marinella di Selinunte in Sicily. He was a painter, watercolorist, graphic artist and designer of collages. He was educated at the Higher Institute in Antwerp, at the Schule des Sehens of O. Kokoschka in Salzburg and at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London. He lived and worked alternately between the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. For his works he usually started from a coincidence such as a photo or an event that caught his attention. In 2001 he was inspired by the Belgian landscape (the Antwerp Kempen) for a series of works. In fact, the subject mattered not to him, but the result. Sometimes Cobra is not far away. He is one of the artists around the De Zwarte Panter gallery in Antwerp. From the press: ‘Things from reality give rise to compositions that, in their turbulent view, nevertheless attest to a good order, an ordered chaos that testifies to an independent vision,’ and ‘Ysbrant is in keeping with the tradition of Cobra. His work is thus disordered and impulsive. He likes chaotic canvases teeming with figures. He portrays them from many points of view with varying perspectives. Sometimes he can be very seductive, for example when he makes use of silver and gold leaf in smaller, non-figurative works.’ Works by him were purchased by the State in 1966, by the Flemish Community in 1982/1983. has now the retrospective catalog published by the Mercatorfonds for sale.

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