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Paul Huf and Ajax (1967)


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Ajax is a famous dutch soccer team and Paul Huf was one of the society photographers in the Sixties. Huf was commissioned this photograph to portray the most famous of Ajax players from those years. In the picture…..Johan Cruijff, Piet Keizer, Klaas Nuninga and mister Ajax himself Sjaak Swart. This photograph has become iconic and was in 1997 chosen to be the picture for the Paul Huf exhibition at the Groninger Museum. Swip Stolk designed a beautiful , typical Stolk design, poster for this exhibition which is now for sale at

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Paul Huf (1924-2002), son of actor Paul Huf Sr., is still the Netherlands’ most famous (portrait) photographer. He portrayed many well-known Dutch people, but was also known for his advertising photography (for example, the beer campaign of Grolsch) and fashion photography. Huf’s photographs are glamorous and have an almost un-Dutch allure. Legendary was his series of sixty record covers in color, for classical music commissioned by Philips in 1954. Huf also made films, including a documentary portrait of painter Carel Willink (1975). He was, together with colleague Eva Besnyö, involved in the foundation of Photomuseum Amsterdam, now known as FOAM.

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