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Avery Preesman (1968)

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Born in Willemstad Curacao, Avery Preesman was educated in the Netherlands. He entered the ATELIERS in 1992 without any pre education and because of his exceptional talent he soon received the second price in the Prix de Rome 1998 contest and in the same year the WOLVECAMPPRIJS. He became soon after a galerie artist of the famous ZENO X gallery in Antwerp and received solo exhibitions at the SMAK and Kunstlerhaus in Vienna and to end this lightning career of Preesman a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in 2001. Within a period of 9 years, Preesman had established himself as one of the leading contemporary artists in the Netherland. You can only admire such an artist. During the last 20 years , Preesman has been a regular contributor to the art and museum scene in Europe and beyond. has the 1999 NAi catalogue available. It is the catalogue which shows why Preesman has become so famous within a period of 10 years. He is a true natural.





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