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Fritz Glarner and Haus Konstruktiv

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In my last blog on the Haus Konstruktiv i ended with ( to be continued ) and that was not without reason. When i visited this museum in Zurich, I mentioned that i was disappointed but that is only part of the story, because i was also very surprised by an unexpected beautiful reconstruction of the Fritz Glarner office he made for the Rockefellers. They were admirers and according to the thank you note they sent were very happy with the result and…..i can fully understand why. Floor, walls and ceiling are covered with Glarner designs and the large table in the middle with the chairs makes the room complete and one of the most beautiful reconstructions i ver have seen. This room only is worth the visit of the Haus Konstruktiv….don’t miss it when you are in Zurich.



There are some Fritz Glarner publications available at


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