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Imi Knoebel (1940)…a minimalist abstract painter

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Imi Knoebel is a minimal abstract painter, but certainly not a minimal painter, because his compositions and sculptures are far more exuberant and less structured than the ones from his minimal colleagues. The result is a “happy” kind of art in which there is place for abstraction and primary colors resulting in something pleasing for the eye. His art must in some way be influenced by the suprematistic ideas of Malevich.

Knoebel’s work explores the relationship between space, picture support and color. The style and formal concerns of his painting and sculpture have drawn comparisons with the ideas of Suprematism and the Bauhaus.

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Knoebel is now known all over the world , but not appreciated by many. It will take some time , but my prediction is that he will be as well known as Mondrian in the decades to come. A great artist , who makes great works of art. has some publication on Knoebel in its inventory.


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